Twitter is testing larger photos, 4K images



Angela Lang/CNET

Twitter is testing a couple of new features that could improve the way photos appear on the social media platform. In a series of tweets Wednesday, Twitter Support said Twitter is testing larger images and 4K uploads over the next few weeks. 

In one test, on iOS and Android, when you tweet a single image, the way it appears in the tweet composer is how it’ll look in the timeline — as in, people scrolling by will see the full image, not a cropped preview that requires them to click to expand. Twitter is also testing ways for users to upload and view 4K images, again on iOS and Android. If you’re part of the test, you can go to your data usage settings and update your high-quality-image preferences to get started. 

We don’t know if these features will end up rolling out to all accounts, or when that could happen. However, users have been able to upload higher-resolution photos to the site from the desktop version since 2018.


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