Obama, Bush, Clinton and Carter promote COVID-19 vaccine in ads


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Former presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter and their first ladies came together for a series of ads promoting the COVID-19 vaccine. One video sees all of them getting the shot.

In a release, Bush highlighted the work of the “dedicated scientists and researchers” who developed safe vaccines quickly, while Clinton noted that vaccination will “bring us all one step closer to ending this pandemic.”

Obama acknowledged the “immeasurable toll” the pandemic has taken on families, while the 96-year-old Carter said vaccines and other public health measures are the key to him seeing his “children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren” again.

The second ad brings Obama, Bush and Clinton together in Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia, where they emphasize that the vaccine will soon be universally available.

As with President Joe Biden’s inauguration in January, former president Donald Trump is absent from this campaign. The ads were shot in December 2020, the release noted, while Trump was still in office. Trump encouraged people to “go get your shot” at the CPAC gathering in February, according to Axios.

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