Brother MFC-J995DW | 1 Year Of Ink In Box | Review

Brother MFC-J995DW

I’ll be reviewing the color inkjet all-in-one by Brother printer today. Can you imagine Ink lasting one or two years in an inkjet printer? Most users would be satisfied if the ink lasted three months. Anyway, let’s check it out.

Brother MFC-J995DW Unboxing

Now, I’ve been using Brother products for years so when a company contacted me to do a product review needless to say I didn’t hesitate. A special shout out to the company “Brother” for their alternate line of products and to Deepti for making sure that this item was shipped to me.

Printers have been around pretty much since forever in one form or another, so what I want to do today is take you on a little tour of the printer and then talk about the benefits of having a multifunction all-in-one printer in your home or small office. I’ll be touring the printer and a random order leaving the touchscreen for last.


Brother MFC J995DW- Unboxing

Brother all-in-one printer have the color flatbed scanner, which can handle eight and a half by eleven-point seven-inch documents. Next is the ADF or automatic document feeder for scanning copying up to 20 sheets.

Here’s another cover for maintenance and clearing jams and also inside you will find a USB port and Ethernet port. I’ll be using an Ethernet connection because I plan on doing a lot of network scanning and plus, I have several available ports on my switch. There’s also a cable path, just placed a cat5 or USB cable in the roof.


The paper tray here has 150 seat capacity up to legal size. On the left side is the location of the USB and memory card slots for printing directly from the media of your choice. To the right of the display screen is the power button, on the left side you will find phone jacks for faxing. On the back side of the MSC is another paper path cover for clearing jams and the manual document. Feed slot great for large paper cardstock and glossy paper etc.


Okay, so now we’re back at the front of the printer. To the right hidden behind the panel, you will find the four ink cartridges magenta cyan yellow, and black.

Brother MFC J995DW Color Cartridge

Before you install the black ink cartridge, you need to shake it 15 times before inserting it into the machine. You do not have to do this with the remaining ink cartridges.

Brother MFC J995DW inks

Lastly, we have a 2.7-inch LCD touchscreen. This is where they say the magic happens. Here is where you’ll find all your settings and functions.

Brother MFC J995DW Touch Screen


Right now, we’re on the home screen. You have the time and data at the top shortcuts Wi-Fi indicator settings and available each volume at the bottom.

Brother MFC J995DW Setting Screen

And, what’s cool is that this display will inform you of the number of pages you can still print per cartridge.


In the center you have your various modes like fax mode, copy mode and scan mold which I really love. This gives you the ability to scan to media from a USB or SD card scan to your PC scan to an FTP server and networks game.

Brother MFC J995DW Touch Screen

Now necklace scan is a very cool feature. I have a set to stand directly to my Nan’s device, no interaction with their computer is needed at all.

When this is configured, I can simply walk up to the NFC load my Doc’s and press scan and it will send it directly to whatever folder I specified on my next device. You can also scan the cloud services like OneNote and Dropbox to the right of the LCD screen. There are three menu buttons, which you just use to go back home panel and cancel which are self-explanatory.

Brother MFC J995DW NFC Area


This area right here is the NFC area, so if you have an Android device with NFC all you have to do is place the smart device in this area. The Android device will vibrate indicating it’s synced wirelessly. Now I can just type a footnote and send it to print. On your iOS devices, they have a little thing called air print. So, all I have to do is bring up something that wants to print out, tap the share button – choose a print – select printer, and there it goes.

Brother MFC J995DW App Screen

Now, getting back to printing up to a year with the included ink. I remember back in the day; it was almost cheaper to buy a new printer than buying new ink cartridges. So, according to Brother printers, you will be printing up to one year on the Ink that’s included with this printer based on the ink vestment tank.

Brother MFC J995DW Vestment Tank

Now this comes with conditions, it’s based on printing a hundred and fifty pages per month and if one year is not long enough, you can purchase the XL model and it promises to provide you with two years of ink in the Box. I for one love this MFC. I enjoy what it brings to my home office; the ability to scan fax duplex printing and wireless printing from our smart devices. Plus, the quality of the print is pretty good.

Brother MFC J995DW Quality of print


I also enjoy having three ways to connect to the MFC wireless USB and Ethernet. Right now, there’s only one thing I would change and that is the color of this device but if you’re looking for a printer that does it all then I highly recommend this All-in-one Brother Printer. Why not invest in a printer such as this one, the price for the DW model is $199 and the price for the XL model is $299.